Dancing with flowers: Sakura Season

For just a few weeks every spring, Japan celebrates an annual ritual known as hanami.

In theory it’s a simple pleasure, namely stopping to view and appreciate the beautiful spring blossoms — most commonly known as Cherry Blossoms. In reality, it’s a hugely symbolic and much-loved source of national pride, a chance to recognise and reflect on the beauty of nature while welcoming the new season. People often gather and sit under the trees, bringing food, drinks and occasionally music with them. This being Japan, everything is perfectly organized — and left spotlessly clean.
When the Japan Weather Association’s annual sakura forecast is broadcast live, it brings with it a flurry of domestic and international bookings as travelers rush to make the most of the country’s stunning landscapes and scenery.
Given the size and geographical spread of the country, the cherry blossoms — or sakura — appear at different times and usually only last for a few days.
This year, I was one of the millions of travellers who made their way to Japan in the height of the Cherry Blossom Season. And man, it was worth it. Walking through parks that looked like they’d been taken from a fairytale, and rowing down moats flanked by these beautiful pink blossoms- what could be better?
Okochi Sanso Garden near Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Kyoto
Kyomisidera Temple
Streets of Kanazawa
Chidorigafuchi Moat (next to Imperial Palace)






Chidorigafuchi Moat (next to Imperial Palace)


Imperial Palace gardens
Sakura- flavoured water
Imperial Palace
Imperial Palace gardens
Walking the Streets of Tokyo
Imperial Palace gardens

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Abbie xoxo


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