9 Reasons you should book with a travel agent

Smartphones have made it easy to book a holiday with a quick click on an app, but there are many reasons to consider booking with a travel agent instead. Although my opinion may be slightly bias as I sit on the other end of the computer and plan YOUR holidays for a living, not only do travel agents offer an incredible pool of advice you can trust, they can also get you the best value deals every time. Most importantly, if anything goes wrong, they can step in and offer a solution.

If that hasn’t convinced you, here are 9 reasons YOU should book with a travel agent…


  1. Saves you Time

Search for ‘holidays in Las Vegas’ or ‘honeymoons in Barbados’ (or wherever you fancy) online and you’ll find thousands of results to trawl through. Even if you ask friends and family for advice and spend hours reading online reviews, there’s still a huge amount of planning and research needed before you even think of clicking ‘book’. One of the best things you can do for yourself is book with a travel agent. Their in-depth knowledge and availability to work their magic will save you enormous amounts of precious time. Why worry about doing your homework for your trip when travel agents have already done it for you?

     2. Manage your Booking for a Stress Free Holiday

Unlike an online site where you book your holiday and then you’re on your own, travel agents are contactable each step of the way.  They’ll do everything from organising your visas, sorting out your documents, and being available in case something goes wrong. Travel agents are always on hand for any queries you may want to throw their way. Your concerns, during and after the trip can be sorted. This takes the stress and responsibility away from holiday making, allowing you to sit back and enjoy.

     3. International Holidays

If you’re planning to travel somewhere out of the country, and you’ve never been there before, it might be a good idea to go through a travel agent. When you use an agent to book international travel, you’ll be able to ask a million questions, and your agent will be sure to gather all the information you’ll need to make sure you’re traveling safely. Whether it’s your first time traveling abroad or you’re a seasoned international itinerant, having a travel agent at your disposal can pay dividends when it comes to jet-setting overseas. Visa and passport requirements vary from country to country and working with an expert can help facilitate these issues prior to departure.


    4. Group travel

For group bookings that involve coordinating travel for multiple people, it’s always easier to use a travel agent. Imagine planning a Tahitian wedding with a bridal party of 30? Imagine planning a boys trip to Thailand? Or think about that family reunion you may be planning in South Africa? These are a great example of when you’d rather hand the responsibility of booking to a travel agent, rather than trying to do it on your own. Travel agents can make it fast and simple and have everything sorted for you in a matter of days.

     5. Not too sure where to go

Considering Iran but not too sure if it’s safe? Thinking about Myanmar but have no idea what to do there? Wanting to travel to Rome but unsure what the best place to stay is?

Reading online reviews of a specific resort or city can take lots of time and effort. If you’re booking a getaway but your destination is still a question mark, an experienced travel agent can help steer you toward what you’re looking for.


      6. Leverage

Can’t book a room at a place you really want? Had a last minute addition to a trip but all the rooms are booked? No problem. Travel agents spend years developing long-term relationships, and travel companies understand how important their repeat business is. Travel agents have leverage with most hotel companies and resorts, and they are more likely to get what they want than a single consumer.

7. Long-lasting relationship

And finally, the advantages of building a long-lasting relationship. By talking to a travel agent about what you want from your holiday, they get to know you and your needs. Over time, they learn what you like and don’t like on your travels and this relationship means they can create your dream holiday. Booking with a travel agent means you will get a friend for life. Someone who cares about your travel plans, makes them a reality, and then listens to your stories- even when it’s long past the date of return.


So go on; contact your local travel agent today. I promise you won’ regret it.

Did you know you can book with me online? You can use my online profile below to book your next trip and still have me as your personal travel agent to manage and tailor your trip: http://www.flightcentre.com.au/consultant/abbie–gatherum/36209

Don’t forget to add me on Instagram – @oneworldwanderer – for more foolishness and travel adventures!

Abbie xoxo



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