A Whirlwind at Wallaman

I read some life advice from the Dalai Lama recently, which included this tip; ‘Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been before.’ With those words came images of visiting places like South Africa, The Maldives and other exotic destinations. It never occurred to me the ‘somewhere I’ve never been before’ could be somewhere close to home.

Like most people out there, I struggle to afford lots of big adventures to destinations abroad. Working a sales job whilst also being a Uni student means I have limited time and a lack of money. Sometimes, travelling overseas just doesn’t happen, and when that’s the case we have to look to our backyard for adventures that curb that screaming wanderlust underneath the skin.

Whenever Jaiden and I have days off that coincide one another, we try to adventure out a little. We’ve exhausted most of our options in North Queensland but not too long ago a friend of mine mentioned the beautiful Wallaman Falls.


Wallaman Falls is about a two hour drive north of Townsville, a 4 hour drive south of Cairns and a 1 hour drive inland from Ingham. It’s set high in the mountains of the UNESCO World Heritage Wet Tropics in the norther region of Queensland. The waterfall is notable for its main drop of 268 metres (879 ft) which makes it the country’s tallest single-drop waterfall.



Although the falls are incredible, the drive to get there is what makes the day feel so special. With luscious lookouts and adorable creatures to take photos of, it’s seriously like something out of an outback Australian fairytale.


Boasting and impressive 268 metre single drop, Wallaman Falls is the most incredible waterfall I’ve ever adventured to. I’ve hiked through several National Parks and nothing compares to the sheer force and power that Mother Nature has on display at Wallaman Falls. This impressive natural attraction in Far North Queensland is sure to make you feel insignificant once you’ve scaled your way to the base of the falls.

To get to the base of the falls, take the Djyinda track – 3.2km return along a moderately graded track. It is recommended that this track is for intermediate hikers but beginners are welcome to do it with caution and a little bit of fitness (there’s a sign that recommends this). While the hike down to the base of the falls is relatively straight forward, pace yourself on the return trip as the incline is definitely more noticeable, particularly if you’re travelling with camera gear or as a family. Allow approximately 2 hours return for beginner hikers. The height of Wallaman Falls is, after all, 268 meters.

The view at the base is well worth the hike. Especially in the heat.


No other waterfall in the country has been quite as draw dropping, or exciting to hike to as this one.

Essentials to bring

To ensure an enjoyable visit please remember to bring:

  • A basic first-aid kit including a space blanket
  • Adequate clothing for all weather conditions including rain
  • Sturdy, reliable, worn-in footwear
  • A hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and insect repellent
  • Adequate containers to carry enough water for a day’s walk
  • Lunch to have on the picnic tables at the top
  • Rubbish bags
  • At least one form of communication equipment. Mobile phone coverage is limited. A public phone is located at the Wallaman Falls camping area.
  • Camera
  • GoPro


Sometimes it’s hard to believe we get to call this incredible place home. Both Jaiden and I are Queensland born and bred. We’ve travelled the world and still, nothing quite compares to the feeling we get from the views of our backyard. Queensland, you are gorgeous.

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Abbie xoxo


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